1 Computer Guided Dental Implants - Thousand Oaks, CA

Computer Guided Dental Implants - Thousand Oaks, CA

Computer Guided Implant Dentistry

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Computer Guided Dental Implant Placement Ensures Greater Accuracy and Less Down Time

If you have had a tooth extraction, you are likely looking into treatment options for replacing your missing tooth. An ideal permanent solution for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants look and function like your natural teeth while preserving your jaw bone in the process. Dr. Jacqueline Subka is a periodontist practicing computer guided dental implants in Thousand Oaks, CA.

After a tooth extraction, and without a root to stimulate your jaw bone, the bone will immediately start to deteriorate causing surrounding teeth to drift and fall out of alignment. You could suffer broken teeth, sore muscles from impeded chewing function, and a sunken facial structure. Dental implants preserve bone while blending seamlessly with the rest of your smile. With computer guided dental implant surgery, procedures today do not take as long as in the past and placement of the dental implant is much more precise.

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Whether it is a tooth extraction, facial trauma, or gum disease that has taken your tooth, you do not have to live with gaps in your smile. Do not let missing teeth be a permanent problem. Seek the permanent and precise solution of computer guided dental implant placement.
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Key Benefits to Computer Guided Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are an ideal solution to replace a missing tooth after a tooth extraction, trauma, or infection. Computer guided implant placement offers the following advantages:

  • Less pain during the procedure
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Dental implants placed with higher precision
  • Improved bone integration
  • Faster recovery time
  • Digital imagery allows Dr. Subka to develop precise surgical guides
  • Better positioning for the final crown restoration

With digital imagery, Dr. Subka can offer precise dental implant placement allowing for an increased probability of successful osseointegration. Computer guided dental implant placement offers a worry free option for replacing your missing teeth.