Published: 08/19/2016

Mornings can get hectic during the school year. Between waking the kids up, washing faces, eating breakfast, finding shoes and checking homework, there is so much to remember that oral health sometimes gets skipped in favor of other pressing tasks. However, by skipping brushing, your kids could be starting a harmful habit. Use these tips to help your children remember to practice good oral hygiene.

Brush First Thing in the Morning

As soon as the kids get out of bed, have them brush their teeth. It may seem counterproductive to do so before breakfast, but when you consider how busy you can be in the morning, it is easy to forget about teeth by the time juice and cereal is off the table. Additionally, many children are now eating grab-and-go meals on the way to school or even waiting until they get to school to eat, making it more difficult to brush after breakfast. Doing it as soon as they wake up ensures they do not forget.

Floss at Night

In actuality, you can have your children floss at any time of day, but you probably will not be as pressed for time at night. Flossing requires dexterity that some children do not have until they are older, so help your kids or supervise them until they establish solid habits.

Take the Kids to Back-to-School Dental Exams

Regular dental exams—preferably twice per year—are vital for ensuring optimal oral health. A dentist like our own Dr. Jacqueline Subka, can clean between teeth using special tools you do not have access to at home. Dr. Subka also provides thorough examination to check for cavities or other problems that are best caught early.

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