Published: 09/05/2019

At one point or another, we probably all know what it’s like to have a cavity. It is generally known that your tooth gets a discolored brown spot on it, and most likely that tooth is also in pain. Although we all have some knowledge of this, it is continued by many to carry out poor oral hygiene. The reason for this maybe that although we know what a cavity felt like, and how uncomfortable it was to deal with, we tend for forget the pain overtime. Therefore, to ensure we remember, an ideal tool to remind ourselves would be to look at pictures of cavities and to
remember to schedule an appointment with your dentist so they can examine the cavity before it gets worse.

Looking at pictures of cavities would show us what exactly it is to have bad teeth. Seeing the photos will also hopefully bring back memories. Seeing photos of cavities would be helpful to encourage us to improve our oral hygiene. If you maintain good oral hygiene the chances are slim your teeth would start to decay and cause cavities. Simple oral hygiene habits such as brushing teeth in the morning at night prevent a lot of dental issues. At night there is a higher chance for the growth of bacteria as the acids from food eaten throughout the day will be in the mouth. Brushing will neutralize these acids, therefore stopping the enamel in the teeth from wasting away while you sleep.

Pictures of cavities show that decay can start from any position in the mouth, however, usually starts from between teeth. The reason this occurs is because of the food that gets trapped between teeth. When food gets trapped between the teeth, bacteria metabolize this food into acids. The enamel in the teeth starts to thin and eventually wastes away. Once this protective layer has been removed, the rest of the teeth start to decay in a similar way. An easy way to get rid of food trapped between teeth, and to make sure your teeth turn out nothing like in those pictures, is to floss. Flossing regularly keeps your teeth free of any trapped food particles, reducing the possibilities of bacteria infecting your teeth.

When you see pictures of cavities, it will shock you back to remembering the discomfort you felt. These pictures can be used as a good motivation to promote better oral hygiene. Always remember to brush and floss your teeth, daily. In addition, it’s important to make an appointment with your dentist if you have a cavity to help determine if extracting the tooth is the best option. Extracting a tooth is done if the cavity is so severe that a filling or other methods won’t work to save the tooth.

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