Published: 09/06/2017

If you are having dental work done that requires a crown to be placed, you have probably heard about the fitting processes and the long timelines that accompany traditional crowns. What you might not be aware of is that there is a new process that avoids those wait times and produces fully fitted crowns in a single day. It’s called CEREC, and it offers patients new options for dental care that not only shorten wait times, but that also help them to be healthier and happier.

How CEREC Crowns Differ

When you go in for cosmetic dentistry in an office that uses traditional crowns, the dentist is able to image your entire mouth in one of two ways. Through the use of scans, and through the use of a mold. These resources are then sent out to a specialized shop that builds dental crowns and other dental prostheses. In the meantime, you are fitted with a temporary crown for a month.

CEREC crowns are 3D printed in the dentist’s office based on scans taken with cutting-edge computer imaging software and fed to the printer with a specialized program that knows how to convert the map of your tooth into instructions for a crown. The result is a same-day crown, and it fits so precisely it feels like a natural tooth.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns 

  • Durable porcelain build
  • No waiting
  • No risk of damaging a temporary prosthesis
  • No return visits for future adjustments

If they are properly installed, CEREC crowns last at least as long as regular crowns, too.

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