Published: 06/06/2015

Oral health is extremely important for a number of reasons. Good hygiene should begin at an early age, which is why we provide gentle and compassionate care for individuals of all ages. Dr. Jacqueline Subka has been serving the Thousand Oaks area since 1999, and she strives to deliver comfortable treatments using the most advanced methods.

General and Restorative Treatment

Our office offers a variety of service for both pediatric patients and adults. Along with general and preventive care, we provide treatment for a number of dental issues. These include dental implants, treatment for gum disease, and gum recession advice and treatment. All treatments are done as minimally invasive as possible in a calm and soothing environment.

Cosmetic Treatment

Bringing out your best smile is our office’s priority. Cosmetic dentistry is one way that we can improve your smile and increase your confidence. If you are missing teeth, this usually causes gaps in your mouth and can lead to functional issues. For many adults, using partial dentures or a bridge is a common way to fill in those areas.

To improve cosmetic issues such as uneven teeth, worn enamel, discolored teeth, and permanent stains, porcelain veneers are often used to transform the look of your teeth without having to use surgical techniques or braces. In cases in which braces are recommended, Dr. Subka offers Invisalign® for individuals who want a more subtle look.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the look of your teeth is to whiten them. We can fit your mouth for whitening trays, which can be worn at your convenience at home for only 15 minutes a day for a couple weeks at a time. You may also choose to whiten them in our office, which is the most effective and efficient way to brighten your smile.

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