Published: 02/06/2020

There is a lot to take care of when you have a date set for Valentine’s Day. You need to book dinner, find the perfect romantic gift and practice your witty banter. You must also ensure, though, that your smile looks its best.

With the help of CEREC Same Day Crowns in Thousand Oaks, California , when you’re strapped for time, you can enhance your teeth within as little as 24 hours. Our dentists at Jacqueline L. Subka DDS, APC can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and there are plenty of benefits to be gained.

CEREC Crowns Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

In our state-of – the-art laboratory CEREC crowns are made to look exactly like your teeth. They are made of porcelain which perfectly resembles enamel aesthetics. You will be able to chew and speak normally, without anything being affected by the crown.

They Offer Convenience

You can get a brilliant new smile in 24 hours as the name suggests. Firstly, it takes an impression and sends it to a lab. Using 3D imaging, the structure is crafted by a milling machine which we then place on top of your existing dent.

We will carry out further revisions as necessary so you can enjoy your new tooth as soon as you leave the office. This process eliminates the need for a temporary crown, which can take several months to extend the entire process.

They Preserve More of the Existing Tooth

A significant portion of the enamel must be removed for normal crowns, so that the reconstruction sits comfortably on top of the damaged tooth. CEREC Same Day Crowns need this not. This means less drilling occurs, which means less discomfort on the end of the patient.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so if you want a new crown by the holiday you don’t have weeks. Fortunately, we provide CEREC crowns at Jacqueline L. Subka DDS, APC, and you can schedule a consultation today by calling our Thousand Oaks, California offices or scheduling online to speak with our dentist, Dr. Jacqueline Subka.


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