Published: 10/12/2015

One of the hardest battles you will ever face is the one you will engage in if you have receding gums and sensitive teeth. Once your gums start to disappear, they will never grow back. Your gums act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from compromising the health and structure of the underlying tissue. Without proper and ongoing treatment, you will experience other signs of periodontal disease leading up to tooth loss. If you do not want to spend your time walking around with missing teeth and an unappealing smile, it is time for you to fix your smile by undergoing gum recession treatment in Thousand Oaks CA.

Gum Recession Destroys Healthy Smiles

Gum recession is a condition that occurs gradually over time. Brushing your teeth too hard, having untreated periodontal disease, and other factors can cause this condition to dramatically change the appearance and health of your teeth. The longer you leave this condition treated, the worse off your smile will be. You may end up putting your systemic health at risk as well.

Patients who have receding gums in Thousand Oaks CA can get their gums repaired with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST). It is an alternative for people who do not want to have gum grafting surgery. Unlike traditional gum surgery, the results are far more predictable. Patients who choose to have the procedure often do so because of its many benefits.

·         Multiple teeth can be treated at the same time
·         Minimally-invasive
·         Little to no pain
·         Less discomfort
·         Ability to resume normal activities faster
·         Immediate smile transformation
·         No incisions
·         No stitches
·         Less treatment time
·         Fewer office visits
·         Less risk

PST treatment is much more desirable for patients because it offers them a better treatment alternative. They can get the smile they want and put an end to their increased tooth sensitivity.

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