Published: 12/16/2016

While you are celebrating with your family and friends and enjoying the holidays, the last thing you want is an oral health emergency. Simple changes to your habits can directly affect your health, and your mouth is the first place it will start. Rather than risking an emergency trip to the dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA over the holidays, use these four tips to help keep your teeth healthy.

Your Teeth Are Not Tools

It may be easier to open up that bottle or crack those nuts with your teeth, but using your teeth as tools can quickly lead to a dental emergency that takes time, energy and money you don’t want to spend. Always shell nuts before you eat them, and don’t use your teeth to open anything.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

No matter how stressed you are, try to refrain from biting your nails. This is bad not only for your teeth but also for your fingernails. The habit has been linked to facial pain, sensitive teeth, clenching and teeth grinding. If you already have the habit, put something bitter on your fingernails to stop it when you aren’t actively paying attention.

Say “No” to Ice Cubes and Hard Candy

Chewing on ice or hard candy can lead to cracked and broken teeth if you aren’t careful. Let ice dissolve in your mouth naturally. Keep in mind that hard candy can lead to tooth decay and ice can make sensitive teeth uncomfortable. If possible, avoid these two items altogether.

Avoid Sticky Substances

The holidays are often linked with chewy substances like taffy or caramel. If your neighbors like to drop off a plate of goodies that are chewy and sticky, enjoy them in moderation. These substances can pull fillings out and encourage tooth decay.

Whether you need an emergency visit to the dentist, cavities filled or just a regular exam to ensure that your teeth are healthy for the holidays, we are here to help. Call us at Dr. Subka’s office today to schedule an appointment.

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