Published: 11/20/2018

Gum disease is a serious issue that needs immediate treatment. That’s because the advancement of the infection will not only accelerate tooth decay, it also causes the loss of gum tissue. Over time, it can even lead to the loss of jaw tissue and teeth if it goes unchecked. Traditional treatments for gum disease are effective, but they can be painful, because they typically involved aggressively removing infected tissue to prevent an infection’s spread, followed by cleanings to help keep the infection at bay.

Today, laser gum surgery provides a minimally invasive option with a fast recovery time, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of treatment with less discomfort. There are a lot of advantages to a more comfortable treatment alternative, but the biggest one? Less discomfort and faster healing make it easier for patients to decide to pursue treatment early, and that helps preserve gum tissue in the long run.

How Laser Surgery Works

Laser surgery uses focused light beams to clean away infected tissue without affecting the healthy gums around it. That allows Dr. Subka to remove the infection, cleaning the entire area, and without costing patients any viable tissue they need to preserve the quality of their smiles. Laser surgery requires little recovery time, and patients feel almost no pain. With proper cleaning and monitoring retreatment is not normally necessary. Patient outcomes vary quite a bit according to their symptoms and histories.

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