Published: 10/26/2016

In the past, restorative dentistry could take weeks or even months to complete. Today with CEREC crowns, you can have an entirely new smile in just one day. With state of the art technology, you can do in one single appointment what used to take weeks to accomplish. Dr. Subka offers CEREC crowns in office, and we want you to better understand what you can expect.

Preparing the Tooth

As with a traditional crown, the tooth is prepared before the crown is placed. Depending on how much decay is present, the tooth will be filed down, and a digital image will be taken of the tooth. The CEREC machine then uses computer-aided design to produce the restorative device or crown at our office.

Placing the Device

With traditional restorative dentistry, you would have to come back several weeks later after the final crown had been produced at a laboratory. With CEREC crowns, you get all the benefits in one single visit. We place the permanent crown the same day as we prepare the tooth. The CEREC machine makes the device while you wait, and it is placed immediately after.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit of choosing CEREC crowns is the fact that they only require one visit. Rather than coming to an original visit and then coming back for the permanent device, it is all done in one day. This saves you time and makes your life more convenient. You also don’t have to deal with the temporary crown and the discomfort and embarrassment you may feel from wearing it for several weeks.

CEREC crowns are also made of ceramics and porcelain rather than metal. This guarantees that the material of your restorative device matches your natural teeth as closely as possible, giving you a more natural look even after the crown has been placed.

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