Published: 08/15/2016

There are many options for teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, CA, and using a professional is often the best choice. Dr. Jacqueline Subka is a cosmetic dentist who can improve your smile with a simple teeth whitening procedure. In-office treatments offer a number of advantages when compared to over-the-counter remedies.

Better Results

Using a cosmetic dentist when whitening your teeth has numerous benefits, and one of the biggest ones is that the results are better and longer-lasting. There are many reasons for this and they include:

• Custom-made trays: Over-the-counter methods do not take into account that everyone’s mouths are different sizes. In our office we custom design each whitening tray so that it fits your mouth perfectly. We also monitor your progress so that you get the exact shade of white that you want.

• Bleach strength: We are able to deliver better results because the strength of the whitening product is stronger than what you would find in products at the drug store.

• Safer: Our professional whitening products are much gentler for the soft tissues in your mouth. This is because we use special products to help shield your gums and cheeks from the bleaching process.

Stains That are Removed With Professional Whitening

When you choose in-office teeth whitening, the process helps to remove a number of stains, which leads to a brighter smile. Many discolorations and organic stains can be taken care of when they are caused by:

• Food and beverage: dark-colored fruits and vegetables, sodas, red wine and coffee

• Tobacco: both smoking and chewing

• Aging: time can result in a brown, grey, yellow or green tint

Some stains, such as ones caused by fluorosis, tetracycline antibiotics and trauma, are resistant to whitening products. Speak with Dr. Subka if you have a question about any of your stained teeth.

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